Villages (card game)
Status: Complete!

A collect-and-conquer card game for two to five players. A new land has been discovered! As a mighty king, you plan to claim this place. However, your rivals in neighboring kingdoms also hope to get their royal hands on it. Whose villages will stand, and whose will fall?

This game has been published on The Game Crafter! Check it out at the official shop page and maybe even buy a copy!

Villages: Distant Lands (expansion)
Status: Complete!

You've colonized every piece of land from here to the edge of the known world, but there are still new places to discover. Distant Lands introduces 9 new unit types, a handful of new animals and buildings, and the locations deck, a new way to make each round different from the last.

You can get this on The Game Crafter too! Get your own copy at the official shop page.

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